The top 10 most stylish accessories for fall!


I have a strange relationship with the fall season. To start, I’m not particularly fond of it. I love summer, but autumn starts off with 2 strikes against it (A real baseball fan). It’s like asking an apple to fill in for ice cream, whatever the reason, you’re disappointed sooner or later. I don’t like being cold and this is when your feet start feeling the chilling effects of the season, plus, this is the season when Halloween occurs. Don’t ask, but Halloween and I are not a good fit.

However, being cold equals wearing scarves, mittens, beanies and tuques!  You know where I’m going with this… It is THE season to bump up your style. And if you have a favourite accessory shop, you know this is the time “your” store is styling! Put those old scarves aside and spoil yourself! Fall accessories don’t just keep you warm. It’s the time for the most stylish, cozy and easy-to-wear accessories. The statement rings and necklaces that dial up your poncho, the darkly delicious nail polish that highlights your plaid shirt, the rich toned wallets telling you your old flower print wallet needs to rest in a drawer somewhere. It’s also the time for the girl who doesn’t wish to change her whole wardrobe to accessorize the pieces she adores but need a style boost. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to yourself there’s no need to be a fashion editor to look stylish. So I have compiled my Top 10 of the best fall accessories at Bizou. I have known this store for as long time, but I only recently fell in love with everything they offer. It is young, dynamic and on-trend, everything needed to walk into fall in complete style!

#10 | The classic pearl necklace


#9 | These bracelets are the perfect item to wear with a denim shirt and will also see you through the Holidays.


#8 | Scarves are a beautiful obsession of mine. A girl can never have too many!


#7 | The always stylish statement ring!


#6 | I am a big fan of earring sets and of owls. (Pearls just spell autumn, they are perfect. Perfect as in: Can’t live without them).


#5 | A wallet with a bow. WOW!


#4 | Mid-finger rings are THE piece to show your style! I wear them absolutely every day.


#3 | When I think “hat”, I think “fall”, there is just no way around it…!  Besides, they are the ultimate lifesaver on bad hair days.


#2 | Bronze rings…!


#1 | And finally, that long, wide scarf.  I ever wear one at home. This is my favorite piece of the season +++++.